London, August 24, 2021, Tuesday

Learning to drive requires concentration and interest. No matter how much a trainer teaches but does not have the ability to make mistakes, sometimes it becomes difficult to get a driving license, but it will be surprising to know that 7 year old British woman Isabel Steadman has been trying to pass the driving test for the last 20 years. Has been but has not been successful. Till now, he has spent Rs 10,000 or around Rs 10 lakh to get a driving license. Most of the cost is for the training fee. Isabelle started learning to drive at the age of 16. He has given more than 1000 tests till now. Isabel, who works in a supermarket, talks about the hardships of her karma, saying that when I get in the car, it feels like a terrifying experience.

It’s like I’ve never been in a car. There is so much confusion of thoughts that nothing comes to mind. What happens I do not understand myself. Suddenly the stress level rises, as if my brain explodes, and sometimes I even faint. It seems that Ishabel has a blackout problem while learning to drive. This is realized when the car is parked on the road and its steering is in the hands of the instructor. I keep coming home crying. Although many people struggle to learn while driving, they have not lost the confidence to learn driving despite such a terrifying experience. The mother of two does not give up even after 30 years of unsuccessful car training. He wants to go to college with his daughter in the car.

He wants to meet his distant relatives by driving a car. Kafodi’s condition is when young boys and girls pass a driving test before his eyes. Her two children, 9-year-old Dominic and 16-year-old Stella, will also pass the driving test, but she regrets not being able to help. She is relieved to know that both her children have no problem with the blackout. Like a spider, he wants to learn to drive at any cost. It’s a pity she still hates learning to drive but doesn’t hate it at all.