Google includes several remotes with which to control the content of an Android TV from the mobile, but there is always room to complete this specific use with streaming content, installing applications or with a remote tool to capture content. TV screen: CetusPlay does all this and much more.

With a smart TV, you don’t need a smartphone to enjoy the best multimedia content. However, the mobile complements itself very well with devices integrating Android TV: in addition to the connection via the Chromecast protocol, the telephone screen becomes a practical remote control. And there’s no reason to use Google.

CetusPlay is much more than a remote control for Android TV

The built-in Android remote control is sufficient and more than sufficient for basic use: it allows navigation on TV and the introduction of text in the activated fields. Google hides three of these controls in the system, in the Home app and in Play Movies; controls that don’t offer too fast access for those who need to change channels quickly.

As an extension of the default remote controls, CetusPlay is an application that is divided into two: on the one hand, there is the telephone application, which acts as a remote control; on the other, there is the server, the application that installs on Android TV. Once both are downloaded, and after pairing the devices (they must be connected to the same Wi-Fi), CetusPlay opens the door to advanced TV management.

Once everything is configured, all you have to do is access CetusPlay on your phone to have a remote control with different operating modes (cursor, browser, touchpad…). But that’s only the beginning: the application allows you to send videos and photos from your mobile to the TV, allows remote installation of applications (installation authorization is required, it is delicate), includes a screen sensor (very useful) and allows you to write remotely from the mobile, among more functions.

CetusPlay is a free application that includes ads to subsidize. It’s very powerful, goes well beyond the remote control function, it’s compatible with Amazon Fire TVs and works better than the original remotes if it’s only needed for that.

As you type, we would say that it can be somewhat unstable, giving it full permissions involves some doubts, and the advertisement can be somewhat annoying. Other than that, we highly recommend it. It is necessary to install the remote application on the mobile and the receiver on the TV.

CetusPlay-Best Android TV Box, Fire TV Remote App

CetusPlay – TV Remote Server Receiver