A dark horse, Xiaomi ROIDMI, has emerged in the cleaning appliance industry in recent years. It has a professional team, cutting-edge technologies, advanced R&D capabilities, and a strong production capacity. And its ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum has been celebrated by the customers because it sterilizes the dust disposal station. This innovative model is strong enough, both sale and review-wise, to compete with the classic robovacs of iRobot and Ecovacs.

Behind the outstanding product

The success of Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus is made happen by a strong R&D  team. Members of the team, which account for 50% of ROIDMI staff, have rich experience in major international projects (Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Burj Khalifa, African Union Conference Center, etc.). To improve the R&D capabilities, ROIDMI hired senior experts in fluid mechanics, engineering, hardware, IT, molding, design, etc. It also established an independent laboratory with a complete set of first-class lab equipment to quickly respond to emerging customer needs.

In addition to advanced technologies, it also takes quality parts and materials to make a good product. The motor, battery cells, and other electronic parts of Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus are sourced from the world’s top brands. And the investment pays out: Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus has passed 18 stringent certifications by TUV, SGS, and other authoritative international certification bodies, proving itself a trustworthy home appliance.

Innovative deodorization & sterilization

Xiaomi ROIDMI is a customer-oriented brand. Its vision is to not only meet customer needs but to also make their life happier by innovating technologies and improving designs. One groundbreaking feature, a dust station that deodorizes and sterilizes the waste it collects, is seen on Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus self-emptying robot. It wipes out 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and parasites, oxidizes smelling matter, prevents secondary pollution caused by long-term waste storage, and protects domestic health. Among the many self-emptying robovacs, Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus distinguishes itself with this special waste sterilization feature. Other than that, this robot vacuum has high scores on auto dust disposal, cleaning performance, navigation, and battery life.

Strong all-around performance

The dust station of Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus has a 23,000pa suction and a 3L disposable dust bag that stores waste for 60 days. To facilitate user interaction, the dust station is equipped with a smart LED screen that displays the dust disposal countdown, charging process, full dust bag reminder, etc. The sweep-and-mop robot has a 2,700pa suction, LDS 4.0 lidar navigation system, overall planning, recharge and resume, APP cleaning plan customization, remote control, voice command (Mi Home, Alexa, Google Assistant), and 250min superb runtime.

But Xiaomi ROIDMI does not peak at Eve Plus. It will continue to make technological breakthroughs and surprise customers with more quality products.