There are applications that are tools for specific purposes and others that are not very clear what they are used for, but still succeed. Triple A belongs to the latter group, being a relaxing particle simulation app where there’s not much to do other than put your finger on the screen and enjoy.

Its creators, SungLab, have several similar apps on Google Play. Triple A is the combination in a single application of three effects Art Wave, Art Particle and Art Gravity. Relaxing music and particles that react to your movements and gradually change color: what more could you ask for.

Visualizations that come to life

Sometimes all you need in your life is to open an app that displays a 15,000 particle explosion with different effects. It is a complex art application on the inside but simple on the outside. As a user, you have no specific goal except to entertain yourself as you wish.

The app plays soothing piano music (which you can turn off if you want) and the rest is taken care of by your taps on the screen. The particles react to movement on the screen, distinguishing up to five fingers at a time. To give it a more zen touch, the particles change color. You can see an example in the following video:

To start, you start with the first effect (Art Wave), although you can switch to the other two (Art Particle and Art Gravity) from the settings, accessible with a button in the lower right corner. There are other parameters you can adjust like the number of particles, their size and their length. If you don’t feel like doing anything other than watching, you can activate Auto Play mode, which moves on its own.

The effect is somewhat reminiscent of Winamp or Windows Media Player visualizations and, although it is a very particular concept, the idea seems to have been appreciated. It has over 5 million downloads and an average rating of 4.6 on Google Play.


Developer: SungLab Download from: Google Play Price: Free Category: Entertainment