Video calls have become essential in our daily life to maintain communication with family, friends and co-workers, although there is still a long way to go in terms of picture and sound quality.

This is where the Portl company wants to make its contribution, by introducing the general public to communications based on holograms, or at least in appearance holographic, with the device they have dubbed the “M” recently presented to the occasion of CES 2022.

This is an evolution of a previous model called Epic presented a few years ago that offered a large screen, which now has the dimensions of a monitor or a tablet that we can place on the table or the shelf and which has a series of LEDs to project the images onto the transparent surface giving the sensation of being in front of a three-dimensional hologram.

The equipment has a camera on the top edge that incorporates AI algorithms, a fabric-covered housing and a stand that allows it to be placed in a vertical and horizontal position.

The transparent front panel, although they have not commented on what technology it is based on, we do know that it is touch-sensitive, allowing us to interact directly without the need for buttons. It has 1 TB of internal storage to save our calls and videos, as well as 16 GB of memory to manage the operating system.

Its creators claim that “M” has utility beyond traditional video calls, being a good option for telemedicine or for showing digital art and NFTs. In addition, they ensure that if someone who does not have one of these devices wants to call us, they can do so from a dedicated application on the mobile, even if logically they will not see us as a hologram. .

Pricing and availability

“M” is still under development, but the pre-production models will be shown at the SXSW show in March and the company has already opened up a stockpile of equipment for which we have to pay $ 100, although the final price of l ‘device it is still unknown.

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