macOS has one lime and one sand: it’s a very stable and carefully designed system, but it’s the most closed environment you can grow in. And of course, it is normal that there are people who want to enjoy this design in a more open environment and seek to create some kind of imitation.

This is the basis of AiryxOS, an open source operating system based on FreeBSD which wants to offer design quality like that of macOS but which at the same time wants to allow the execution of free UNIX applications. Also, in the future, it’s looking to be able to run macOS binaries.

AiryxOS, or a FreeBSD aspiring to be an alternative macOS

If we look at the screenshots of AiryxOS, we will see that there is still a lot of work to do, but details that seek to resemble macOS can already be guessed. The file browser is called “Filer”, folders have that characteristic Mac blue, and each program’s title bar has its corresponding “traffic light buttons”.

At the operability level, we can run FreeBSD applications and we have an emulation layer to open Linux applications. When it comes to running macOS apps, we’re talking about a translator that can run basic apps and compile AppKit-based code. Here, you’ll have to watch for a likely response from Apple, as its licensing makes it clear that macOS apps are for… well, macOS.

At the moment AiryxOS development is active and a beta version 0.3 is available. Its makers recommend installing it in a virtual machine, although if you dare to do it natively on a PC, you will only need a minimum of 4 GB of RAM and a partition of a few GB. be an interesting experience for weekends without plans.