It seems that now several independent sources among them coincide: the notch could disappear with the arrival of the iPhone 14. In its place we would have a simple hole for the front camera of the screen, while the rest of the sensors needed to use FaceID would end below.

This hole, according to the most recent leaks, would have the shape of a capsule or a pill and would be completely centered (some Android devices have it on the side but this would not be the case). In the image above, you can see a digitally generated image that simulates an iPhone with this type of hole.

One step closer to the completely clear screen

Mockup of what a potential iPhone 14 Pro could look like with a pill-shaped cutout.

– Jeff Grossman (@ Jeffrey903) January 9, 2022

The person in charge of this model, Jeff Grossman, specifies that what he wanted to capture is an “iPhone 14 Pro”. You haven’t changed anything in the iOS interface, and the result is that there is more room to display the icons on the top system bar. The wallpaper is also visible, creating a feeling of more space and a larger screen.

One would still perceive this hole when watching full screen videos, and maybe that can be an argument in favor of putting it in a corner rather than centered so that it is more concealed. But even with these, something like that looks a lot better than an entire notch invading the top of the screen. We’ll learn more about these changes as the rumors get more complex.