If a few days ago we saw how YouTube for Android was testing a new gesture to move playback to a specific point in the video, now we find out that Google has also added another very handy gesture for videos with chapters.

At the end of last year, the YouTube application renewed its player, and among its novelties were the chapters, a feature that shows us in the supported videos each of its chapters to be able to directly access the content that interests us in a video. Now we find out that there is a new gesture for moving between chapters.

New gesture to move forward or backward in chapter

If you play a video divided into chapters, you will no longer have to scroll through a chapter’s play bar or display its chapter menu. Now, with a double tap on the screen, you can move forward or backward in the chapter.

If with a double touch of the screen with one finger you can advance the video fragments by 10 seconds, now if you double touch the screen with two fingers you will be able to change the chapter.

If you double-tap the left side of the screen with two fingers, you will go to the next chapter. If you do the gesture on the right side of the screen, you will skip to the previous chapter.

It is not known when the YouTube team implemented this new gesture which until now had not been discovered or officially announced. The gesture is available in the stable version of YouTube and in its beta versions. It appears to be activated from Google’s servers, so it may not have reached the world yet.

Via | Android Police
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