This is the new way the Windows 10 Start menu can be customized with the Sun Valley version

One of the possibilities offered by Windows 10 is to customize the Start menu, a timeless classic of the Microsoft operating system. But although it has received several changes, something that until now we could not do is change it at will or not at least without affecting the other elements.

That is why Microsoft is already testing in the 20H2 branch (also known as Sun Valley) the possibility of resizing the Start menu without also affecting the Windows search interface. A change already present in the published preview versions.

Two independent windows

Until now, the size of the Start menu was easy to resize. Just place the cursor on the border and drag it. The result is more space for applications but at the cost of increasing the dimensions of the Windows search interface.

Now, with the previous versions that Microsoft is distributing from the 20H2 branch, a change is being rolled out. The size of the menu can be changed but without affecting the measurements of the search interface.

In some cases, if we lower the height of the Start menu, it is possible that some interface elements do not appear on the screen, which can prevent us from having access to certain functions such as searching for screenshots. ‘Bing screen or “Switch to Microsoft Edge” banners.

With the change introduced, the Start menu and the Search menu are separated and both can play with the size change without one interfering with the other. An advantage that could reach other versions of Windows, since this is a change that can be activated on the server side.

An improvement in addition to another novelty that they are already testing in the Canary version of Edge and which improves searches on Windows thanks to the integration with Edge since it allows browser data to be shared via search services in Windows 10,

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