A few days ago, CEDIA Expo 2021 was held, an event in which various innovations in terms of sound equipment were announced, such as speakers, amplifiers, receivers, sound bars and subwoofers. .

But none are as surprising at first glance as the one that the company Ascendo Immersive Audio brought and which they dubbed the Ascendo Active Seismic SMSG50, a giant and enormous beast, with a pilot diameter of at least 50 inches. which promises fully subwoofers. thunderous.

To get an idea of ​​the specifications of this mastodon, its waterproof type acoustic box has dimensions of 1800 x 1850 x 600mm for a weight of more than 400 kilos and is specialized in the reproduction of frequencies in the 5 Hz range. at 20 Hz, that is to say in the subsonic band.

These are frequencies that we perceive with the whole body and not just with the ears, requiring titanic woofer diameters as in this case if we are to achieve high SPL or sound pressure levels.

In this case, its speaker of 50 inches or 127 cm in diameter promises to be able to reach 136 dB in continuous playback with peaks of 140 dB (125 dB at 20 Hz) thanks to an integrated amplifier stage. of not less than 6000 watts.

Of course, this is not a piece of equipment that can be put in a typical house, because for starters, maybe many of us don’t have the electrical connection to power this giant or the ground that can support its weight. In addition, such peak sound pressure levels are clearly detrimental to hearing health.

Do you need a team of these proportions to enjoy your favorite movie? Well clearly no. For most mortals, one or two subwoofers up to 10-12 inches is more than enough if we don’t want to be kicked out of our neighborhood communities and urbanizations. But yes, we must admit that the Ascendo speaker is truly spectacular.

Pricing and availability

Of course, in the demonstration they did not give a selling price, but probably whoever has a room in which to put such equipment will not lack financial resources.

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