Just over a month, we’ve had to wait since Netflix announced that they were going to include games in their subscription for this service to become a reality, at least for one country. Netflix has already launched its games service in Poland.

Like the Netflix announcement, this is a very, very early launch, a test to start testing the game service built into their app, where in their announcement they recognize that they still have a lot of work to do. in the coming months for Netflix’s games to reach the world, but the good thing about it is that they are finally giving us the first details of their new games section.

This will be the new section of Netflix games for Android

Netflix’s gaming service is no longer a mystery, and with its launch in Poland, we already know that it’s not about streaming games, but games that will be installed on your mobile like any other. android game.

In the Netflix app, users in Poland from today will see a new category of games where to install two games: Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: Gra, titles that arrived respectively on Android and iOS in 2017 and 2019 and now new. players can only get from Netflix.

To install these games we will have to open their files from the Netflix app, where we will see the “Install” button, but this will redirect us to the Play Store for installation. Therefore, the games are installed from Google Play and not from the Netflix app itself.

Only Netflix subscribers will be able to download these games from the Play Store, where they can play the games included by Netflix without ads or in-app purchases. At the moment they have only released these games and it is not known which games they will add to their subscription, whether they will be exclusive games based on their series and movies or will they add third party games following the Apple Arcade or Google Pay Pass steps.

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