First the name was registered as MagDart, now pictures have jumped the internet that would show what the next Realme wireless chargers will look like. One with a look and feel very similar to the iPhone 12’s MagSafe; another in the form of a rectangular charging base with a fan.

Wireless chargers have been with us for years, although we are currently seeing an evolution that mainly seeks to match wired charging in terms of speed. Thus, with fast wireless charging we have mobiles that come back to life with powers greater than 50 W; while facilitating the connection thanks to devices like the MagSafe. Magnetic coil alignment promotes wireless connection, a feature Realme is experimenting with.

Realme would have its first two chargers ready with MagDart

The name MagDart has recently emerged through registration with the European Intellectual Property Office. At the time, we assumed that it was a device similar to the MagSafe of the iPhone 12, it is not in vain that the name was very similar and the registration card already anticipated the functions of wireless charger.

As GizmoChina revealed after showing off some exclusive images, Realme’s MagDart wireless chargers would not only be real, but also very similar to Apple’s MagSafe. At least one of them, the other is far from the usual of the apple brand.

The first of the chargers is an aluminum sphere that serves as a base to support phones (or other accessories). According to filtration, it would offer a load of 15 W.

The second model would be a thick, square MagDart charger with a USB connection port and a fan to dissipate the high temperature of the fast charge it would offer. The power of the device is not known, although it is probably around 50 W.

We’ll still have to wait to find out if these new MagDart chargers are genuine – Realme hasn’t made them official yet. They surely come from the hand of a mobile with wireless charging, a type of functionality that Realme does not yet offer in its catalog of smartphones.

Via | Gizmo China