The typical shopping list for going to the supermarket is something we all have. And if you are one of those who have ever left the pieces of paper to write it down, surely you have written it on your iPhone. There are countless ways to do this and more than one specific app for it.

I also have this shopping list on my iPhone and I change it several times a day, but what if I told you that I don’t use the iPhone to do it? Thanks to the integration of all Apple devices and systems, this is possible.

Leave the iPhone in your pocket when you go to the supermarket

Apple has said it many times, and in a world of hyperstimulation, it’s becoming increasingly important: the best technology is the one that does what you ask of it to go unnoticed. And in this specific case of the shopping list, it’s easily doable if you have all the ingredients (pun intended).

What I do is have a list called “Purchase” in the Reminders app, manageable from any Apple device. To add items to this list, just say “Hey Siri, add the tomato to the shopping list”. A pair of HomePod mini speakers capable of taking command from any corner of my house adds that ingredient to the list, without further ado.

The great thing about this is that I can add items to the shopping list just when I realize I need to buy them, avoiding thinking “well, I’ll write that later” and completely forgetting . Just by mentioning it, it’s already noted.

At the supermarket, I don’t need to take my iPhone out of my pocket at all: on my Apple Watch, I have a shortcut to the list that I can quickly access, which is particularly useful when I need to grab things and drag shopping Cart. In the clock itself, I can cross out everything I add.

The list is on the iPhone, but I don’t need to use it at all to be able to add and cross out items from the list. And best of all: it’s synced in iCloud, it keeps the history of things purchased (or you can delete it if you want) and you don’t have to pay a subscription for it.

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