No GTD, no task apps, nothing like that. I’m one of those people who uses the calendar to organize my whole life, using the events of these calendars as if they were tasks as well as events themselves. Therefore, one of my needs is to make adding an event to the calendar as easy as possible.

Apple’s Calendar app makes it easier, but not quite. The interface for choosing a time is complicated, and if you want to put all the data, you can spend more time selecting options than not adding this data. That’s why I found a way to do it quickly when I can’t entertain myself.

A shortcut and a widget, nothing more

The key to achieving this was taking advantage of the iOS Widget Shortcuts, which allow me to quickly launch Siri Shortcuts. The first thing to do is to create a shortcut to be able to add an event to the calendar in one step, just by typing the name of this event (you can see the shortcut directly from this link):

If you notice it, the shortcut is made for the task to be saved for tomorrow without a specific time. It’s my particular way of having this task highlighted on the calendar, which I interpret as something I’ve placed on the calendar and is pending classification.

Once this shortcut has been created, the following is to add the Shortcuts widget in an area that we quickly access or even in one of the main pages of the iPhone:

In this way, I only have to click on ‘Add a task’, place a name of it with some indicative data and click on OK:

When I have a quieter moment, I can now put this calendar event on its time, categorize it, and complete it properly from the Calendar app. But the important thing, which is to create the task before I forget, is already done.

This allows me to create a workflow for quickly creating tasks whenever I can think of, wherever I am, quickly from the iPhone or even using the Siri command “Hey Siri, Add Task”. For those who use the calendar as their primary means of organization, it can be a powerful tool.

Picture | Estee Janssens