Last May, the Google Play team announced that next year a new privacy and security section will arrive in its app store, following in the footsteps of Apple, whose users can now view data that uses the apps. applications to follow them for a few months. the App Store.

Two months later, Google Play announces additional new details on its upcoming new “Privacy and Security” section, offering a preview of what’s new that users will start seeing from Q1 2022.

This is what the new security section might look like

The new privacy and security section will come to the Play Store to require developers to notify the user of the data that will be collected and shared by apps before uploading it along with their security practices. To do this, they will display this information in the applications tab.

There in the file of each application, users will see a summary with the privacy and security of our data. Here, the developer will need to share an explanation of the data collected or shared by an app, highlighting security details such as data encryption, adherence to Google Play family policy, or independent validation of the app with security. overall. Standard.

Users will be able to touch this privacy and security summary to see more details, to see the complete list with all types of data collected and shared, such as location, contacts, personal information (name, e-mail address). mail, phone number) or financial information, among others. In addition, they will also need to indicate how the data is used and whether data collection is optional or necessary to use the application.

Google has created a series of privacy and security labels in which the user can view to know the context and the explanation offered by the developer to access each permission or personal information. Google Play will therefore require all developers to be transparent with the data they collect from their users.

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