There are many reasons to exercise, both physical and mental, although the key to achieving a balance between health and enjoyment is to be consistent. Those who also like it will understand me: for me, this little moment of disconnection in the great outdoors, with my music and the escape through the city or the coast was one of my favorite moments of the day.

In the end, I think the key to achieving this consistency in sport is having fun. Spending the day waiting for that moment, or better yet, that after a full day of finding ourselves exhausted—and barely wanting to put our shoes on, let’s be clear—we end up smiling as we listen to a great song lost somewhere. There are pleasant days and there are days when running is our revenge on the whole world: whatever it is, the important thing is to end up doing it.

Lockdown, working from home and personal circumstances may also have caused you to put training aside. Here I tell you a fun and curious proposal from Fitness + to return to shoes

Things got complicated for me, especially when the pandemic started (I guess like everyone else). In 2020, I started working almost exclusively from home, and the ensuing lockdowns and restrictions made it difficult to run. Last year, I went through difficult times on a personal level (family losses) which also made me lose the desire to play sports, things in life that can happen to all of us. So I stopped doing something that I loved and that made me feel good, so I wanted to get back to it as soon as possible, even if I never found the time (maybe also l want) to do it.

Running again, with the help of Fitness+

It was clear to me that running was important to me. In this article, I’m going to tell you how a certain feature of Fitness+ motivated me, but if in your case it’s another sport or workout that motivates you, look for that too in the same way. Perhaps the best thing about Fitness+ is the feeling of “accompaniment” by personal trainers, as well as its integration with the Apple Watch and its sensors – which gives a much more complete context of the whole fitness. ‘exercise. Even though it is only available in English at the moment, the exercises and instructions are completely understandable when it comes to exercise. Don’t be afraid to start with the language as it is not a key factor in appreciating it.

The fact is that I discovered this option of Fitness +, called “Time to run”. I did it by reviewing the possibilities offered by the service and saw that it seemed like something fun, and especially acceptable after having spent so much time without doing constant km. I did some research and after figuring out how it worked, this was the final push to set the alarm the next day and get the shoes ready that evening.

The Apple Watch will also help us see images of the virtual training tour, as we reach points of interest on the course.

These are workouts of just over 30 minutes, totally adaptable to our level. We can try or jog comfortably, also following the instructions to find our comfort zone next to the virtual trainer. We will also listen to the ambient sound of the formation we choose, such as Brooklyn, London or Miami, and on the clock, when we reach certain points on the route, we will see a photo of the location to almost move there.

Music from every workout is available in Apple Music playlists that you can add to your library at any time

And now comes the best part: you have your own personalized Apple Music playlists for training, with music designed to “move” from each virtual site where training takes place. A word of advice: open your mind to music that you don’t usually listen to and let yourself be carried away by the rhythm. Don’t even browse the playlist before you start: the coach will tell you why he chose each song, at each step. Regain strength to the rhythm of “La negra tú tumbao” by Celia Cruz? Why not! In my experience, this “surprise” combination mixed with the sound environment, the advice and the exercise that is offered at each session, is part of the pleasure of the proposal.

How to start running with Fitness+

Ok, let’s get down to business. Put on your sneakers, your favorite workout clothes, your Apple Watch, and your AirPods (or whatever wireless headphones you use). Before you leave home, if your Apple Watch doesn’t have eSIM connectivity (meaning it relies on the iPhone to connect to the internet), you’ll need to download the episode to your watch ( or also bring your iPhone to train). Here are the steps, all are done from the Apple Watch itself:

We enter the Training application and click on the “Fitness + / Audio Training” card. You will see the news of the week. Here are the different new episodes of all available exercises. Scroll down until you come to “Explore More”. In this section are all walking and running episodes. The “My Library” part is where the episodes are stored that we download at home if we do not have connectivity on the Watch and do not plan to take the iPhone to practice. By clicking on “Time to run”, you will see all the episodes of the service. They are listed from newest to oldest. You can choose any of them, it is not necessary to follow the order, although it is recommended if we are going to follow the new episodes every week. For example, we choose the first: “Miami Beach”. Here you will see the race time and the total time. The total time takes into account the entire duration of the episode, not just the one we are running. Comments before and after the coach’s race, etc… Below is a short description, the playlist that we will listen to during training and three buttons: Start, Add to my library (if we are going to go out with the Watch offline or iPhone, we will download the episode at home before leaving) and Open Playlist (to directly access the Apple Music playlist).

All that remains is to start the workout by pressing the Start button. The trainer will welcome you and explain some of the history of where the exercise is taking place, briefly explaining what the training will be like. These Fitness+ exercises have three work zones: low, medium and high, and as we run we’ll be told how to understand our work zone using the Apple Watch’s heart sensor.

The Apple Watch will also serve as an additional exercise information screen during the tour. For example, we will see the layout of the route of the place where the training was recorded, and at each point of interest that we will pass, the coach will tell us something of her story and show us on the screen of our watch a photo of where we pass.

These exercises are ideal due to their short duration for those who resume or start running, with three intensity zones that we can adjust ourselves with the Apple Watch heart sensor

The three training intensity zones make it suitable for all types of runners: the important thing is the zone that you modulate yourself as I mentioned before, although in my opinion due to its short duration (about 35 minutes per episode) it is above all perfect for those who resume physical activity and for those who start from scratch.

If you’re not a Fitness+ subscriber, you can try it out for one month for free from the Activity app. If you’re recent buyers of a new Apple Watch Series 3 or higher, you even get three months free

The combination of advice, perfectly chosen music and post-exercise recommendations (like stretching in the park or on the way home) also available on Fitness+ is the perfect complement to finishing the course. Also, when we are done, all the information of the route, as well as the episode you did of “time to run” will appear in the workout map of the Activity app on iPhone. And if you liked the music, you can import the playlist directly from here (or from the watch) into your Apple Music library.

It costs nothing to try it out: if you’re not a Fitness+ subscriber, you can try it out for free for a month from the Activity app. Plus, if you’re recent purchasers of an Apple Watch Series 3 or higher, you can enjoy three free months of service. Don’t hesitate: it’s the weekend, put on your shoes and have a look and try. The Fitness+ excuse is good like all the others to resume training, but it is also one of the most curious and fun. Don’t worry, see you soon!