Having a smart TV means having a kind of computer in the living room thanks to the operating system it integrates. And like in the computer, we have a series of data stored during the usage time that, like in a PC, we will have to erase before we get rid of the TV. A process that in the case of Android TV, webOS, or Tizen only requires a few clicks on the remote.

We’re going to explain how to leave a TV armed with one of these operating systems intact and make it look like it came out of the box. Although the steps may vary slightly depending on the brand chosen in the case of Android TV, especially by the names in the menus, this tutorial is valid for any model that has one of these systems.

Leave your TV with Android TV like new

To say that we are going to reset a device, in this case the TV, implies that we are going to delete all user data, saved settings, installed applications … it is a complete formatting in short, a process that involves complete loss of all the recorded data, which we must take into account before continuing. The only thing that is not deleted is the content that we have external storage, that is, if, for example, we have inserted an SD card or a connected USB stick.

To leave a TV with Android TV looking as fresh as expected, the process begins with accessing “Settings” which in my case are represented as a gear wheel in the upper right portion of the screen.

Once inside, we need to find the “Device Preferences” section or another similar section (it can change depending on the brand) and click on it.

In the case of Sony models, a list appears with different options and we look at one of them with the title “Recover”. By clicking on this section we will see how a screen opens with a single option, “Restore factory settings” which we will click with the remote control.

From there, we only have to confirm the operation by clicking on “Delete all” in order to initiate a process which may take a few minutes before leaving the TV without any data.

From there, we can start setting up the TV from scratch in the usual way, through our Google account by following the process that will appear on the screen once the device is restarted.

How to restore a webOS TV

In the case of webOS, the process is much simpler. Simply press the “Settings” button on the remote control to open a “Settings” menu with various options.

On the side we will see different sections, one of them being the one with the name “General” that we have to click. There we will see the subsection “Restore initial configuration” in which we have to click to erase all data.

How to restore a TV with Tizen

In the case of Tizen-based TVs, the process is just as straightforward. Simply enter the TV’s “Settings” using the button on the remote control and find the “General” section in the left column. There we will have to press and scroll through the list of options to the last section, “Reset”, in which we have to press to start the process of restoring to factory state.