News continues to arrive on YouTube for Android, and in this new update we see how Google improves its full screen experience, giving the user more and new options when we use the mobile horizontally.

YouTube for Android has finally renewed its full-screen player for horizontal videos. The app launches a new interface that comes with a surprisingly important feature that took more than ten years to arrive.


What’s New in YouTube Player

The main novelty of the YouTube player for Android is that there is now a new action bar just below the playback bar. Many of these actions like “Like”, “Dislike”, “Save” or “Share” used to be in a panel that was displayed by swiping up. They are now directly accessible by simply activating the playback controls by touching the screen. They spare us the gesture of slipping.

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The second most important new feature is that we can finally enable full-screen comments. Late last year, Google started allowing you to view comments in full screen, but so far view comments with the mobile in portrait mode first, then rotate the mobile to landscape mode . Now we just have to click on the new Comments button to see the comments in the right panel or add a comment.

We also see a new shortcut to watch more videos on the right side of this new action bar. Touching the new shortcut we see that it opens the suggested videos panel which until now could only be seen by swiping up on the video. There we will see the options to subscribe to the channel, activate notifications and see suggestions.

Finally, and as a reminder, for a few weeks we can also see the description of a video in full screen. To do this, simply click on the title of the video and a panel with the description of the video, the number of “likes”, the number of views and the date of publication is displayed to the right of the video.

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