Dmloftus is the name of the airplane pilot who is the protagonist of this adventure. Posted on the Diamond Aviators forum, he tells us how his iPhone X survived a fall from 11,500 (the equivalent of over 3km) in height without a single scratch. At nearly 300 km / h and flying over the United States, this is the story of a very lucky iPhone X.

Aircraft-proof iPhone X

On August 8, Dmloftus flew over his Diamond DA40, a powerful single-engine ultralight, from Colorado Springs to Atlanta. The pilot says that in the last section, traveling at around 300 km / h, he decided to open one of the small side windows of the plane, in order to take a picture.

The pilot used to take pictures from the plane, but encountered a bit of turbulence

As he was pulling the phone out of the window, he encountered a little turbulence that prevented him from holding the iPhone X. The pilot was not too worried, stating that “it was a four year old iPhone X. and had to switch to a phone. 5G “. However, he tried to get it back.

The pilot had a spare iPhone 6S, so he got a replacement SIM card from an AT&T store and asked on the spot how he could turn off the iPhone X remotely, to make sure no one was accessing his data. . By pressing “Find my iPhone”, much to her surprise, the iPhone 6S showed a location on the map of her iPhone X.

He called one of his flight mates, boarded the ULM, and they landed near the spot. They had called the airport administration ahead of time, so they took a car there to get to the phone.

After driving about 30 kilometers of highway, they came to a gravel road. It was a fairly humid rice growing area. After continuing to walk and finding another crop area, this time for beans, they found the iPhone after an hour of tireless research.

The keys to survival: land on soft ground and carry an ultra-resistant tarp

The phone didn’t have a single scratch, how was that possible? The pilot had protected it with an Otterbox cover, one of the thickest and most resistant on the market. In addition to this case, the iPhone X fell on a crop, so it survived, according to the pilot, without a single scratch. The phone turned on when they plugged it into the car’s USB port because it was out of battery.

The pilot claims it operated normally, without damaging the battery, screen, or a single scratch. Without a doubt, a curious story and an iPhone X worth remembering. A case that adds to the iPhone 11 Pro that survived the bottom of a lake or the iPhone 11 that survived six months underwater.