Pretoria, Ta. 08 February 2022 Tuesday

In Cape Town and other cities in South Africa, the problem of online payments is now being resolved.

Young Indian Rahul Jain has made a significant contribution to the organization working for this.

According to a report in an English newspaper, Rahul Jain, a member of a Delhi-based business family, went to South Africa for an internship after completing his MBA, where he met German national Andreas Demlitner.

The company now offers digital payments across Africa. Rahul Jain said, “Our company is currently active in South Africa as well as Kenya and Mauritius. We are going to expand to other countries.”

He said, “The payment system of people is changing due to corona. People are turning to digital payments, which is benefiting the business.” Relying on digital commerce. This is also a good thing for startups.

Rahul says, “Initially we had to face challenges. It took us a year to get the first bank to go for digital payments.