The arrival of the first days of summer coincided with the arrival of Windows 11. And when many promised they would be happy to be able to test Microsoft’s new operating system, demanding requirements dashed those hopes. However, all is not lost and this development allows you to test some of the new features of Windows 11 without the need for installation.

The official version from Microsoft is that at this moment (there are others), to test the version of Windows 11 in development the team must gather a series of characteristics and this is what prevents the development that we now let’s see. A system that lets you test some, but not all, aspects of Windows 11.

Windows 11 through a web browser

The developer in question is called Blue Edge and has created a kind of Windows 11 but simulated within the browser. The development, called “Windows 11 in React”, which can be tested at this link uses ReactJS, SCSS and CSS.

Through the browser, you can test some of the changes made with Windows 11, such as the new design of the operating system start screen GUI, open the start menu, open the Edge browser, start the Microsoft Store. .. others, such as File Explorer, appear as they become available.

It’s a limited experience, it has to be said, but it can be a good starting point for anyone who wants to see what Windows 11 looks like, or at least some very basic functions, on a computer that can’t install it. …

Also, when using the browser, we are not limited to using a PC and any device that has a web browser, from mobile phones to tablets or TVs, can access to see what it looks like. Windows 11.

Test on an Android tablet

If you want to test Windows 11 on React by Blue Edge through the browser, you can do so through BlueEdge. The other option is to install Windows 11 for now to be part of the Insider program or to dare one of the custom versions that will hit the market … at our own risk.

Via | Neowin