When we talk about the connected home, we often tend to think of devices such as doors, blinds, major appliances … but the truth is that almost anything in the house can become smart. And for example the new Owlet products arriving in Spain where a connected sock stands out to control the baby at home.

Yes, as you read. A smart sock that, together with a camera, aims to help monitor and control the health of the baby at home. Devices to be controlled by mobile phone to monitor the condition of newborns at any time.

Baby’s sleep under control

Owlet already sells the Owlet Smart Sock and the Owlet Cam video monitor in Spain. The purpose of these devices is to ensure the safety of parents while they sleep. These devices focus on monitoring the baby’s activity during the sleeping hours of themselves and their parents.

And perhaps the most striking is the Owlet Smart Sock, the connected sock. A device designed for newborns and babies up to 18 months or 13.6 kg that allows parents to track their children by recording everything from heart rate and oxygen level to sleep history for see how much and how they sleep. Plus, the Smart Sock lets you create new routines as kids get older.

The Smart Sock integrates with the Owlet Camera, a camera that, along with monitoring the child at night through a night vision system, is also able to record the oxygen level and heart rate while they sleep . It also has a two-way audio function which allows parents to communicate with their children through the camera.

Pricing and availability

The Owlet Smart Sock is available for € 329.00 and the Owlet Cam for € 159.00. Both can also be purchased with the Owlet Monitor Duo for € 439.00.

Owlet Smart Sock 3 Baby Monitor – Smart baby monitor with heart rate and oxygen level

Owlet CAM Baby Monitor – Baby Monitor with Camera & amp; Encrypted and Secure HD Video from Anywhere – Smart Baby Monitor with Sound and Motion Notifications (New)