We’ve been with rumors of a foldable iPhone for a long time. Also from a foldable iPad. Folding screen technology, however, seems to be moving slowly within Apple. While waiting for news, we can imagine how we would like this technology to arrive, something that gives results as interesting as those of the photos and videos that illustrate this article.

A very visual product, although perhaps a little more

Credit for these renders and video must be given to Antonio De Rosa, who has already brought us other concepts of various Apple products. On this occasion the designer shines with a dual-screen design for a supposed foldable iPhone.

An external screen, as well as the camera module which, similar in size to that of the Apple Watch, would allow us to see the time and certain information, such as notifications, without even unfolding the phone. On the front, once the iPhone is open, we find a notch in the style of the point and the rectangle that the latest rumors offer.

An extremely slim, waterproof iPhone with an almost invisible hinge. A design, it must be said, that raises the question: is it useful? Surely what the Cupertino engineers asked themselves when developing the various prototypes.

We will have to wait for other rumors or direct announcements from Apple to find out what direction the company intends to take regarding foldable iPhones. For now, it seems that Apple prefers to wait, take a step back and study a step that, above all, must bring new features to the iPhone.