When we are looking for a television we are used to struggling with a series of specifications well reflected in the labeling, characteristics with which the new television that LG has in the catalog breaks. A model that supports HomeKit and AirPlay and is also a touchscreen.

Just as Samsung offers its eye-catching Serif or The Frame ranges, LG has a new model in its portfolio called LG StandbyME. Failing to know if it is a unique model or a new family, this television attracts attention from the first moment you see its design.

1080p only, but with OLED and touchscreen

And what is most striking is that this TV comes with a matching stand and base that allows it to be used both vertically and horizontally, mimicking the aspect ratio offered by a mobile phone screen. In case this adaptability is not enough, there is also the possibility of tilting it at a certain angle.

A panel that offers a fair resolution, for these times. The TV is capable of displaying Full HD (1080p) resolution running on, remarkably, a 27-inch OLED panel.

The LG StandbyME will arrive offering support for HomeKit and AirPlay 2, meaning it can perfectly function as the brain of the connected home based on Apple devices. Also and continuing with the similarities with a mobile, for control we can use our fingers directly, since this model has a touch screen.

As a curiosity, this TV can work without cables because it has a built-in battery, although there is still no official information regarding autonomy. According to Homekitnews, the battery lasts up to 3 hours.

In the connectivity section, with AirPlay 2 and HomeKit compatibility, I could not miss a wireless WLAN and NFC connection and a cable connection thanks to the use of several USB and HDMI ports.

This model is once again tied to LG’s TV operating system, WebOS, which means it’s compatible with apps like YouTube, Netflix, HBO Max…

Price and availability

The LG StandbyME is already available in Hong Kong and will reach other markets from May this year, but without specifying the countries. The price will be around $1,000.

Through | homekitnews