This attractive file explorer concept relies on colorful labels and tabs to enhance usability

Over time, we have seen different proposals to give a different and renewed look to “Windows Explorer”. From applications to replace it with, to brilliant concepts that more than one would like to see come true. And to all these concept tests, this new redesign is now added.

The work of Alur2020, a Reddit user, has created what is becoming a variation of ‘Windows Explorer’ that we all know, but giving it a different air that makes it quite appealing and a lot more usable.

Cleaner and more user-friendly interface

This new design is engaged in the Fluent Design language and offers a clean aesthetic, especially with a side panel with acrylic transparencies. We’re not going to find anything disruptive, but these are changes that improve the experience.

For example, on the side, with a structure similar to the current one, it shows places anchored in the “Home”, something similar to what we see for example in macOS. Along with this section, you will find sections such as connected hard drives and cloud storage, represented by OneDrive and Google Drive.

File Explorer Now

Local files also appear in the sidebar and it is the user who can define the items that are of most interest to them. In addition, tags arrive and improve the location of files.

A “File Explorer” compatible with the tab system, so that browsing through different files becomes a less tedious task.

A “File Explorer” that looks like that touchscreen-friendly design we saw in its day and who, who knows, may be reflected in some aspects in future revisions of Microsoft’s operating system.

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