At least the golden hour, blue hour, and sunrise should be a staple of any photographer. Golden hour refers to very specific times of the day when the light takes on a golden color ideal for taking the best shots.

There are several apps that tell us the exact time we can shoot in this light, but today we’re going to tell you about one that goes further. Alpenglow increases downloads over the past few hours, and that is because it measures the quality of sunsets, sunrises, golden hour and the like.

This app tells you when to take pictures and the quality of the light

Alpenglow is a fairly straightforward Android app. When it opens, in the ‘schedules’ section, we will have a selection with five periods: blue hour (before sunrise), golden hour, sunrise, sunset and golden hour.

This is one of the few apps that rates the quality of the light itself, so we know when it will be best to take pictures.

If we click on each of these times, we will be told the quality of the light, approximately a percentage. The app is based on sky clarity, time of year, and other factors to determine the quality of light that will be on that particular day.

Likewise, we can receive programmable notifications and reminders, so that we never miss the best times to shoot. Finally, the application allows us to know this information about any part of the world, not just in our location, so that we can even know the quality of the light in a city that we are going to visit.

Alpenglow: sunset forecast