Comedy on Apple TV+ has a name: Ted Lasso. But beyond the football coach there are other such series, and one of them is “Acapulco”. It’s not one of those shows you’ll remember, but you can find characteristics in it that no other light comedy has had.

When the best thing about a story is the languages ​​it’s explained in

The premise of “Acapulco” is similar to “How I Met Your Mother”: a billionaire explains to his nephew how he amassed his fortune by starting as a waiter at a Mexican resort, with this story being the central body of the series .

It shows the protagonist overcoming all the difficulties of serving the global jet set while vacationing in Acapulco, with side stories of both his family and co-workers. We can define ‘Acapulco’ as ‘How I Got Rich’, with Ted Mosby working as a waiter in his youth instead of in a Manhattan apartment.

The spearhead of ‘Acapulco’ is the combination that its characters make of the English and Spanish languages

The series is easy to watch thanks to the length of its chapters, barely half an hour. We are not going to laugh out loud with them, but we are faced with a pretty comedy that can help us pass the time when traveling or waiting.

For me, there are two things to highlight in ‘Acapulco’. First of all, its soundtrack full of eighties music that I can’t resist (I’m old, what can I tell you). But especially the second: it’s a series that you have to see in its original version. Because? Because it’s a series that masterfully combines the English and Spanish spoken in Mexico.

Both languages ​​flow through the series in a lesson in bilingualism for anyone who lives in territories where only one language is spoken. Those of you who will benefit the most are those who know Spanish and English, although you need subtitles in one language to understand everything. I guarantee you that it is much better than not losing the essence of the dialogues while watching the series dubbed in Spanish.

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