Creating and training the smart home is something that is becoming increasingly mainstream. Different devices, sometimes each from a different brand or even from different platforms, which require the user to have multiple applications on many occasions. We have already seen alternatives that facilitate the process and now we see another new proposal.

An application called Home Widget which is available for iOS and iPadOS and which allows the creation of widgets in which are grouped elements, actions, routines… all aimed at facilitating the control of the elements integrated in HomeKit, the platform of for the smart home.

Everything from a single widget

The free Home Widget application, downloadable from this link, has just been updated to version 1.1, offering the possibility of adding sensors to widgets, choosing between different sizes of widgets, changing icons…

The application is free, although we have two subscription options (0.49 euros/month or 3.99 euros/year) and a one-time purchase at 8.99 euros which allows you to create more than three widgets, synchronization with iCloud… .

The Home Widget application arrived on the App Store last December and allows you to manage the elements grouped in HomeKit from a single widget. You can group together, for example, a surveillance camera, a routine and a sensor and activate each with a click on the main screen of the iPhone or iPad.

Once the widget has been created to our liking, to add it to the main screen, we just have to long press on an empty space, without icons, and add it by pressing the plus symbol.


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