Google Discover, you love it or hate it, but whatever your opinion, this section of the Google app has found a niche in the vast majority of Android launchers. If you want something else to appear on your launcher instead of Discover, you can do that with Discover Killer.

Discover Killer is an Xposed module with which you can replace the launcher’s Google Discover with the assistant’s day view, more similar to the old Google Now, or with any other app. Of course, you’ll need to have the Xposed Framework on mobile, which involves having root and possibly Magisk.

If you don’t like Discover, change it

Many Android launchers integrate Google Discover with a gesture, and it’s not always possible to change its behavior. If you’re rooted in mobile and don’t want to see Google Discover or paint, one option available to you is DiscoverKiller, a new Xposed Framework module.

DiscoverKiller is open source and compatible with LSposed and EdXposed, two of the spiritual heirs of the original old Xposed Framework. Both work on Magisk, so you will need to have EdXposed or LSposed as modules in Magisk in order to install DiscoverKiller. The download links are in this XDA thread. Version 1.0 works on older mobiles, while version 2.0 is more modern, with a Material You interface.

After installing the DiscoverKiller APK, EdXposed will warn you that the module is not active. You must therefore open EdXposed, activate the DiscoverKiller module and restart the mobile for the changes to take effect.

When you come back from restarting, open DiscoverKiller and you’ll basically have two options to replace Google Discover: the Google Day View screen or any app you have installed on your mobile, in which case you can select it from the list.

Close DiscoverKiller, go back to the launcher, and do the gesture that Google Discover opened before. If all went well, the option you selected will open instead. This Xposed module acts on the Google app instead of the launcher, so it should be compatible with most launchers that display this screen. Its author assures that it is compatible with Lawnchair, Nova Launcher and Action Launcher.

Of course, it still has the big drawback of having the mobile rooted, which is not so common today, but this once again serves to demonstrate that with absolute control of the mobile, there is no nothing that cannot be changed.

Via | 9to5Google