Kandahar, 11 August 2021 Wednesday

Both the Taliban’s power and activity in Afghanistan is increasing. The Taliban, which has captured many parts of the country, has once again started a major operation. Now he has broken the Kandahar prison, and has released many political prisoners. A video of the entire proceedings has also been released.

Taliban break into Kandahar prison

It is said that this is the same prison from where the Taliban wanted to release their captives. The jail was also attacked last month. But then there was no success. Now the Taliban again targeted the Kandahar Jail on Wednesday and this time they succeeded in their mission. Many political prisoners have been released from jail. A video of the entire operation has also been released by the Taliban. The video presents a direct challenge to the Afghan administration.

successful in freeing political prisoners

This is the same Kandahar from where about fifty Indian diplomats posted in the Indian Embassy were brought home last month. As the Taliban continued violence in the area, India immediately withdrew all its diplomats for security reasons. At the same time, the Taliban has released many important political prisoners. In such a situation, the situation may worsen in the coming days.

Taliban moving fast towards Kabul

The Taliban is actively returning to Afghanistan after several years. Some reports claim that the Taliban have captured more than 70 percent of the country. His steps are now moving rapidly towards Kabul. But the Afghan government is rejecting all these claims.