It is true that this is not the first time that we have talked about saving an iPhone from a body of water. We talked about phones recovered from lakes, canals and more. What is surprising in this particular case is that the iPhone that fell into the River Leith had been submerged for over a year when it was rescued.

Legend level water resistance

The water resistance of the iPhones that we all have in our pockets is something we take for granted. We are certainly not going to take the risk of overwhelming them on purpose, but we do know that if something did happen the iPhone would come out unscathed. What, without a doubt, the owner of the iPhone in this story should not have imagined that her phone would last for over a year submerged in the waters of a Scottish river.

Diver Shane Stephen is already a veteran in the field of recovering lost objects at the bottom of the River Leith, which runs through the Scottish city of Edinburgh. According to The Scotsman (via AppleInsider), this man recovered Just Eats delivery bikes in bags full of cash.

On his last dive he recovered an iPhone, the model is not specified beyond mentioning that it was a RED edition. After contacting O2, the UK operator, the iPhone was able to be returned to its rightful owner who, to everyone’s surprise, revealed that the iPhone had been discontinued over a year ago.

A surprising happy ending for the woman, who joins many Apple phone recoveries emerging from the waters with virtually no visible damage. Quite a feat of engineering for such a complex device. A device which as stated in the keynote of one of them is “Oops resistant”.

Image | Imran perwez