Haier announced the arrival to its catalog of an exciting new line of advanced washing machines, washer-dryers and dryers with the latest washing technology to make laundry easier for users looking for. of a connected model with more hygiene capabilities beyond the conventional.

This is the new Premium I-Pro Series 5, a range of equipment which will have a 525mm wide drum to maximize load capacity and which will be equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms to detect the quantity and type of clothing, allowing us to adjust the best possible washing cycle.

To do this, the manufacturer has designed the “hOn” mobile application which will provide the user with a report on the clothes put in the drum, the type of washing performed and the energy savings achieved. In addition, they will have the Direct Motion motor, connected directly to the drum to reduce noise and vibration, as well as energy consumption.

Another novelty of the range is the “Washing-Lens” function, a system that promises to offer the best possible treatment to each garment thanks to the digitization of its label, so that the machine recognizes the specific characteristics of our garments according to the Specifications. marked by the manufacturer. In addition, this function allows you to create a virtual wardrobe within the application and thus to carry out continuous monitoring of the clothes.

Washing machines will also have the “Refresh” program which uses steam technology to remove odors, fine dust and allergens, while according to the manufacturer it is also able to reduce wrinkles and soften fabrics. . As for washer-dryers, they feature I-Refresh, which uses a finer micro-steam to improve its sanitizing action.

The range will also include the ABT antibacterial treatment which acts against the formation of mold and the proliferation of bacteria in the most sensitive areas such as the rubber of the hatch or the detergent box, achieving according to its creators a washing cycle of up to to 99 8% more effective in eliminating bacteria, germs and allergens.

In addition, at the end of each cycle, the automatic “Smart Dual Spray” cleaning system is activated, which is responsible for cleaning the inside of the appliance so that no trace of dirt accumulates.

Pricing and availability

At this time, the manufacturer has not commented on sales dates or prices for this new range, so we’ll stay tuned to update them when they become available.

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