AirTags become important accessories for recovering lost or stolen objects, as in the notorious case of the scooter stolen and found thanks to the AirTag. History is repeating itself again and it is that on a new occasion, the AirTags made it possible to locate a stolen vehicle, in this case a motorcycle.

AirTag as a deterrent device

As we read AppleInsider, AirTags have once again been the protagonists of a theft story. A resident of Renton, Washington, located his motorcycle in a single day using AirTags. The user had located an AirTag inside the bike, after suffering a bike theft earlier this year and looking for an efficient and inexpensive locator.

All the user had to do was open the Find My application to find his motorcycle, located using the AirTag.

Last Tuesday morning, his motorcycle had disappeared from the parking lot where it was usually parked. The first thing Renton did was open the Find My app on his Apple device to find out where his vehicle was. Fortunately, Find My informed him that it was only a few miles away.

He went to the location marked with Find My to find the motorcycle, and the app reported that the AirTag updated the location just three minutes before he arrived. Once Renton arrived at the scene, the thieves had abandoned the motorcycle, so he was able to recover it after notifying the police and filing the corresponding complaint.

While there was no guarantee the thieves would ditch the motorcycle for the AirTag, they may have been concerned that they could be found thanks to the device.

Anyway, the AirTag made it possible to recover the motorcycle by tracking its exact location, further proof of the usefulness of this device to protect and find our valuables. In fact, as the owner of a large displacement motorcycle, I admit that the first thing I did was hide an AirTag from him.