La Jornada newspaper
Sunday, January 9, 2022, p. twenty

Moscow. At least 56 civilians lost their lives in an attack by the Ethiopian army with drones against a camp for displaced people in the Tigray region, the rebel group Tigray People’s Liberation Front (FLPT) denounced this Saturday.

Another vicious drone attack by (Prime Minister) Abiy Ahmed on a camp for internally displaced persons in (the town of) Dedebit has claimed the lives of 56 innocent civilians so far, insurgent spokesman Getachew Reda said in his account of Twitter

The European Union called for ensuring immediate and unimpeded humanitarian access to save lives, as no humanitarian aid trucks have entered Tigray since mid-December.

Since November 2020, northern Ethiopia has been the epicenter of the conflict in that country.

The authorities accused the FLPT, which dominated the political life of that nation for almost three decades, of attacking a military base, and launched an operation in the province of Tigray with the support of Eritrea, the neighboring country.

In March the Ethiopian authorities announced that Eritrea was withdrawing its troops from Tigray. In June, rebels from this town seized the administrative center of the region, the city of Mekale, and the Ethiopian government announced a unilateral ceasefire.

Continual confrontations

The rebels later said that they had launched a new offensive and that they had taken control of much of southern Tigray; local authorities in the neighboring Afar region reported clashes between rebels and pro-government forces. In early November, western media reported that nine Ethiopian rebel movements formed a new alliance with the goal of replacing the current authorities and forming a transitional body.

The alliance was made up of major anti-government forces, including the FLPT and the Oromo Liberation Front, which Addis Ababa describes as terrorist groups. The agreement on the formation of the alliance was signed in Washington.

The Ethiopian Parliament proclaimed in November a state of emergency throughout the national territory in order to protect the population against the rebels, a situation that will govern for half a year.

In late December, the FLPT claimed to have withdrawn its forces from the Amhara and Afar regions.