If you have a speakerphone or smart screen at home, you are probably tired that in order to activate the Google Assistant you always have to say the active word “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”, especially when we want to deactivate one. alarm or accept a call, now which wastes our time having to lengthen the sentence.

To avoid this, we have known for a few months that Google is preparing new voice shortcuts to perform certain actions without first saying “Hey Google”, a feature that has been filtered under the name of “quick sentences”.

So will be the quick sentences

From 9to5Google, they have decompiled the latest beta from Google to enable this expected feature. Thanks to the next “quick phrases”, it will save us from having to say “Hey Google” when we want to interact with our speaker or our smart screen.

To do this, he implements a series of quick actions that he called in English the name of ‘sauces’ and each action of which will activate the Google Assistant without having to pronounce the famous activation word beforehand.

This “sauces” section is divided into the following sections: Recommended, Alarms, Connection, General Information, Lights, Multimedia Controls, Timers and To Do. The actions that it will allow us to perform without having to say “Ok Google” are as follows:

Set alarms: “Set an alarm for 7 am.” Cancel alarms: “Cancel alarm” View alarms: “At what time is my alarm set? »Send broadcasts:” Send a broadcast “Answer calls:” Answer “and” Reject “Ask for the time:” What time is it? Ask about the weather: “What’s the weather like?” “Turn lights on and off:” Turn on lights “Turn lights on and off:” Increase brightness “Volume control:” Increase volume “Pause and resume music:” Pause music “Skip tracks : “Skip this song” Set timers: “Set timer for 2 minutes” Cancel timers: “Cancel timer” Pause and resume timers: “Pause timer” Reset timers: “Reset timer” Show timers timers: “How much time is left?” Reminders: “Create a reminder” Family notes: “Create a family note”

As we can see, in the future, it will no longer be necessary to say “Hey Google” to turn lights on or off, check the time, weather, control music, accept a call or turn off an alarm.

We have to activate each of the actions that we want to say to the assistant without the ‘Hey Google’, in addition to updating our ‘Voice Match’, because these ‘quick sentences’ will only work with our voice, so this is is the case not recognizing the mistaken actions of other people.

It’s unclear when and how these “quick phrases” will reach Google Assistant-enabled speakers and screens. They are expected to arrive in the rest of the year and will likely only be available in English.

Via | 9to5Google
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