We talked about WiSa on different occasions. In case it doesn’t sound familiar, it’s an entity responsible for creating standards for wireless audio transmission in home theater equipment that delivers high quality beyond the typical Bluetooth connection. And taking advantage of wireless communication, the Swiss brand PIEGA has launched the Ace Wireless range.

WiSA, or Wireless Speaker and Audio Association, is the raison d’être of the new compact loudspeakers from PIEGA. WiSA certified speakers that are part of the Ace Wireless range and allow you to get wireless sound from stereo to 7.1 channels.

Wireless 7.1 sound

When setting up a home audio system, it is common to have to struggle with more or less complex cables and installations. PIEGA is another manufacturer that bets on WiSA and they have shown a range of loudspeakers that reduce complexity when installing a home cinema in the living room.

The series consists of the Ace 50 Wireless tower speakers, the Ace 30 Wireless bookshelf units and the Ace Center Wireless center channel model. The Ace 50 and 30 Wireless models are available in both TX (transmit) and RX (receive) versions, with one of each unit being a stereo pair. Multi-channel systems use all units designated for RX and receive the surround sound signal for each channel from a WiSA-certified source or WiSA-enabled TV/display device.

The new range uses improved MDS midrange and bass drivers and a revised version of the Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter already used by the brand in other loudspeakers.

Constructed from aluminum, these speakers feature digital amplification up to 200W per channel and a DSP system capable of handling up to 24-bit/192kHz High Res Audio. They are DLNA certified and offer analog connectivity for legacy audio products.

Although the strength of these speakers is the wireless connectivity with the WiSa standard, they can also be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. If you prefer to use cable, they allow you to do so via HDMI, or optical or coaxial cable.

The new speakers are Roon compatible and work with streaming services, both locally and online. This is the case of Spotify Connect & HiFi and Google Chromecast.

Price and availability

All models are available in a metallic finish and in three colours: sandblasted natural aluminium, satin black anodised or glossy white lacquer with matching removable grilles. The new speakers will be available in the UK from late February at an unknown price.