A few days ago, Google Translate started rolling out its redesign with Material You to all users, but it looks like the interface change won’t be the only novelty. The latest version of the app hides two new widgets which are not yet enabled for everyone.

So far, Google Translate doesn’t include any widgets, just a shortcut that allows us to translate faster to the predefined language and input method, but now Google will add widgets to its translate app.

The next two Google Translate widgets

Google will remove this shortcut to add two widgets: one for saved translations and one for quick translations, supporting different sizes of widgets to adjust the widget to the free space on our screen or our preferences.

Mishaal Rahman managed to enable the new widgets which are disabled in the Google Translate app to show us their design and functionality in their screenshots. Google should soon start enabling the new widgets through its servers, just like it does with the new interface.

The saved translations widget gives us access on the home screen of our device to the saved phrases of the translator, showing the original language and the translation, with the options to listen to the translation, copy it or delete it .

The quick translation widget replaces the current shortcut and in different widget sizes it allows us to start the translation in the configured language by text input, dictation, conversation mode or with the camera. At the smallest size, the widget displays dictation and text input options. The design of the widgets follows the same line as the rest of the Android 12 widgets with Material You.

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