these are the new ones that will arrive with Sun Valley

We’re about to see a new update for Windows 10 arriving (May is the chosen month) and all our eyes are on Sun Valley, the update expected to arrive in the fall. An update which among its changes will come with the disappearance of the remains that remain of Windows 95 in the form of icons.

Despite the passage of the years, Microsoft’s operating system has not been consistent in aesthetic changes and therefore we find a mishmash of new trends with icons that still persist from previous versions of Windows. This is the case with Windows system icons, many of which will change with Sun Valley.

A new design

And it suffices to take a tour of the old “Control Panel” to see how there are many icons related to the system, to the folders, to the peripherals … which have not changed since Windows 95. Icons present in the path C: Windows System32 Shell32.dll.

A folder that currently contains up to 334 icons and many of them are on their way to 26 years since their arrival with Windows 95. Icons that were renewed in the recent Dev Channel announce changes in Sun Valley in the fall 2021.

And they made the comparison in Windows Latest, where they compared the Shell32.dll icons present in Windows 10 20H2 with the ones that the latest Windows 10 compilation looks like in the Dev channel of the Insider program.

On the left the current icons and on the right those of Sun Valley

Compared to the old icons, left over from Windows 10, the new icons that will arrive with Windows 10 Sun Valley are much more attractive, resulting in a more modern appearance with more colors and a more current design. There are still some old icons, it’s true, but it is to be expected that these will be gradually replaced.

And it is that Microsoft is doing an important job with the replacement of the icon system in its operating system. Some of these icons arrived at the beginning of the year and little by little we are getting to know the design changes that will come with Sun Valley, such as rounded corners, renewed virtual desktops or improvements in the “Start Menu”.

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