The arrival of Windows 11 was quite an event, especially since a few weeks ago we all associated the 21H2 branch with a new update for Windows 10. A Windows 11 that arrives with a good number of changes, both positive and others less, mainly due to the absence that users are absent.

And it is that in Windows 11 we find, with new functions, absences in the form of functionalities that were until now regularly used or at least quite well known. We’re not sure if in future updates Microsoft will end up pushing them back to Windows 11, but just in case we’re going to go over some of these absences, features some users have started to list in a Reddit thread. .

Disappeared in the jump from 10 to 11

Windows 11 is not yet a widely used version of Microsoft’s operating system. First of all because, even if it works very well, it’s a version that is still in development, let’s not forget that.

No matter how well it works, Windows 11 is a beta that also requires very specific hardware to run. This is why these absences that we will now review have gone more unnoticed by not affecting so many users.

The ability to open a file by dragging it to the taskbar with any of the apps attached to it has been lost.

The ability to move the taskbar to the other side of the screen, as it should now stay fixed in the lower area. We cannot wear on the sides or up.

We can only combine windows from the same application when the taskbar is full.

Make organization easier in the Start menu by having folders.

The ability to permanently remove the “Recommended” section from the Windows Start menu, being able to devote all that white space to pinned applications.

The way to determine which default application we are going to use, a different process in Windows 11. For example, instead of changing web browsers, we need to change, item by item, which applications are running to open * .HTM files, * .HTML, HTTPS protocol, HTTP, etc.

Supports offline accounts (that is, not linked to an account) in Windows 11 Home.

Access the Bluetooth device connection list only by pressing Windows + K (the path to this feature in Windows 11 is much more winding).

For now, these are some of the more striking features that are still missing from the move from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Is Microsoft going to rectify the situation with the release of the final version of Windows 11? At the moment we don’t know and the chances of seeing each other vary a lot in each case, so we have no choice but to wait patiently.

Via | Reddit