The AirTag has become a great little accessory. Thanks to them, many users have managed to find their lost items, showing their usefulness many times. In recent weeks we have been testing various key chains for AirTag which is the most comfortable and versatile accessory to carry around. These are our favorites.

Keychain for AirTag, a selection of the best

As we know, an AirTag costs 35 euros, for a little more you can have an accessory to place it on almost any object. If what we want is to take it on sight or in the hand instead of hiding it like the owner of this scooter did, the keychain or buckle type is most suitable.

We’ve tried a selection and the one we like the most is Epico’s. The AirTag is super easy to attach because it is a silicone keychain. With a little force, it clicks into place.

Its washer has a carabiner type system with which it is very easy to put the keys or place it anywhere. You can buy the individual key ring for 9.99 euros or a pack of 4 for 29.99 euros (white, black, red and dark blue).

Puro also has several key rings for AirTag. And we tried one with red skin that we loved. We find the same carabiner system for the keys, as well as an automatic closure that closes almost by itself, because it has a magnet.

It is a more elegant keychain and designed to wear it prominently. The unit price is the highest of any we’ve tried ($ 15.99), but it’s also the prettiest.

Belkin offers a fairly large selection of AirTag accessories. We tested two of them, the first being a keychain and white type. The AirTag is enclosed in a plastic “frame” which is pressed and sealed.

Then we need to place the keychain type ring, so it needs more steps to start using it and can be a bit cumbersome. The result is quite good, even if its price of 13.99 euros seems a bit high.

Finally, we tested a pendant-type format, also from Belkin. With the same type of frame as the previous one, instead of a ring, we find a closed rope that will allow us to place the AirTag in a backpack, suitcase, etc. Its price is also 13.99 euros.

These products have been provided for testing by K-tuin, Apple stores. Can inquire about our business relations policy.