With the arrival of HarmonyOS, it looked like EMUI would end in version 11.1, but no. Huawei has officially announced EMUI 12, an update to its mobile personalization layer that borrows several new features from HarmonyOS.

While Huawei hasn’t shared the version of Android that EMUI 12 is based on, this layer includes a new layout and animations, as well as the cross-device improvements we’ve seen in HarmonyOS and some improvements to the safety and performance.

New design

One of the main changes in EMUI 12 is in its appearance. This is not a radical change, but rather an adjustment that combines the concepts of minimalism and realism, a curious association. That is to say, a small touch of realism is introduced into the elements of the interface, to give an impression of depth to the interface.

The animations have also been renewed, with a new design inspired by gravity and magnetism, seeking a smoother result. A curious change from text is that EMUI 12 allows you to adjust the font size and thickness with a slider.

Control Panel

HarmonyOS has introduced a new control panel, and you’ll find the exact same one in EMUI 12. It’s a central place where you can control music playback, quick settings, and access paired devices.

Device +

Continuing the parallels with HarmonyOS, a central axis of it was the Super devices, which in EMUI 12 are called Device +. The concept is the same, being able to connect to other devices to interact with them, such as sharing the screen, making calls, sending messages or viewing mobile photos with a Matepad, watching videos on TV or connecting devices. listeners.

EMUI 12 also includes the so-called distributed file system, with which you can access documents and photos from the mobile as if it were just another drive on the hard drive of a MateBook and without cables in between. .

Improved MeeTime

MeeTime has long been in EMUI as an integrated application for making video calls, but it is new in EMUI 12. It is now possible to transfer calls from a mobile to a TV supporting the function. This transfer is only available for person-to-person calls and not for group calls.

Security and performance improvements

There’s also room for performance in EMUI 12, although Huawei doesn’t go into too much detail. Depending on the company, web pages load as you browse them and it is possible to return to the page you were visiting the next time you open it. These changes can only apply to your own web browser.

When it comes to security, EMUI 12 introduces new features, such as the ability to unlock your phone from the laptop with a password before you start connecting them or use a smartwatch as a secure device for protection. additional.

As of yet, Huawei has not shared more details on which models will be updated to EMUI 12, when or what exactly its strategy for HarmonyOS and EMUI is. This launch could indicate that HarmonyOS will remain in China and EMUI 12 in the rest of the world, but for the moment nothing is confirmed.

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