From Mac OS 8 to OS X 10.6, the Mac greeted us when it first booted up, or sometimes after installing the new version. A welcome that has evolved over the versions and years until it disappeared after Snow Leopard.

Welcome to your new Mac

TechieFreddie’s YouTube channel has been dedicated to bringing together, as can be seen in the video above, all of the intro videos that the different operating systems showed us before we started the initial setup.

The longest video, by far, is the one which occupies the first part of the video: Mac OS 8. A video which, playing with the shape of the 8 which bears its name, shows us the different virtues. Virtues like surfing the net or sending e-mails, novelties to be taken into account at the time.

The aesthetics evolve in particular from Mac OS 9, which displays a different video depending on the device on which it is going to be run. From the iBook G3 to the iMac G3 or the PowerBook G3, which at the beginning of the video, before welcoming us in several languages, show images of the computer.

Finally, we make the jump to OS X, the name before macOS, which shows us much more austere greetings, all ending in X, marking version 10 of the operating system. Without having any bonus at the end of the video, we can tell the quantity of memories brought back by the one who, at the time, welcomed us into our brand new computer.