New Delhi, the 21st November, 2021

In one incident in the United States, a truck carrying a bag full of banknotes suddenly rained down on the notes and people ran on the highway to loot the dollars.

According to reports, a truck was passing on the highway in an area called Carlsbad on Friday morning. Inside the truck were bags filled with one dollar and twenty dollar notes. For some reason, when the rear door of the truck opened, it started raining. As soon as it opens from inside on Noto Road.

People passing through here stopped their vehicles and started looting the notes. On seeing the highway got jammed.

The driver of the truck also appealed to the people not to loot the notes. Some even started assaulting the driver. The driver finally informed the police. Police patrolling the highway reached the spot and warned people to return the notes.

Although most of the people, happy with the rain of notes, did not heed the warning. Police sealed the highway on both sides to prevent looting, although many people managed to flee after looting the notes.

The FBI is still investigating the case. It is not yet known what he will do after leaving office.