Apple updated the AirTag firmware yesterday with a revised version of the one released last week. An update of which we are unaware of the modifications, but which certainly aims to polish the user experience. An update that will install automatically without any action on our part being necessary.

A detail-oriented firmware update

Apple has released the fourth firmware update for AirTags since their introduction a few months ago. This is actually a firmware review that was released a week ago. At that time, we reached version 1.0.291 whose build number was 1A291a. Now the patch reaches version 1A291c.

From the small change in numbering, this new firmware is expected to focus on fixing an error or simply improving the overall operation of the system. This update is installed automatically when our AirTags are within range of the iPhone with which they are paired. The truth is that we cannot force the update in any way, but we can check if it has already been done. The steps are as follows:

We open the Search application on our iPhone. We enter the Objects tab. We select the AirTag we want to check. Touch the name of the AirTag to see the firmware version.

It is true that object tracking devices have been available on the market for a long time. It is also true that the boost and the visibility that Apple has given to this class of accessories through the presentation of the AirTag is more than considerable. Some devices we have seen in action to retrieve electric scooters, bicycles and motorcycles, all with great results.

Image | Nikita Ognev