At Apple’s financial results investor conference, Tim Cook announced that Apple has an active device base of over 1.8 billion. Devices which are distributed on all continents and which could well reach 2,000 million in figures this year.

A few more numbers than amazing perspective views

Apple’s fleet of devices is truly impressive. Between the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch, the Cupertino company has more than 1,800 million active devices worldwide. A number that is growing rapidly.

In January 2020, Apple shared the same figure, on this occasion 1.5 billion devices. Later, in January 2021, the figure rose to 1.65 billion devices. Given the progression, Tim Cook hopes to exceed 2,000 million this year.

The Apple CEO didn’t break down the values ​​between the different devices, but if you look at the comments from last year, you know that at the time, Apple already had more than a billion active iPhones in the world.

Apple’s numbers are truly staggering. It is true that more than one person owns multiple devices, so it cannot be said that 1.8 billion people own an Apple product. But it is also true that, if we take the iPhone number as a reference, of which there are usually far fewer duplicates, we can say, quite simplified, that between a seventh and an eighth of the population World is an Apple user.

Picture | Laurenz Heymann