Themed Icons is a new application that applies automatic personalization to desktop shortcuts based on the chosen wallpaper. Like Material You in Android 12, but with a bit more laborious process.

The latest version of Google’s operating system, Android 12, remains in beta and is only suitable for a handful of phones. Since most can’t install this version, we are slowly seeing how some of the brushstrokes of the news are coming to Android 11 and earlier; like system wallpapers or updating certain apps. We even have icons that adapt to backgrounds in a more Material You style.

A somewhat complex and efficient way to have “Material You icons”

Themed Icons is a new application that allows you to create icons for installed applications with a function that, at the moment, only Android 12 has: the possibility of adapting in tone to the wallpaper. The app is valid for mobiles with Android 11 and lower (up to Android 8 Oreo), it works exactly as expected and as a downside it requires a somewhat tedious process to run.

Google introduced Material You as a way to customize the system based on the wallpaper chosen by the user. And this is how the thematic icons work: once created, the colors of the shortcuts will take on the background tones. Theme icons work with system icons and with any other pack found on Google Play.

Since Material You is a mechanism only found in Android 12, the app creates its own icons and then customizes them based on the criteria of the wallpaper. Once the application has been downloaded, and after having authorized the storage authorization (it no longer has any), Themed Icons offers the creation of icons following a process guided in the “How to use” section.

The shortcuts must be added manually from the Thematic Icons, then they must be made transparent (not all interfaces allow it, a launcher may be necessary), choose the icon pack to modify, activate the customization of the icons and the tour is played: all the shortcuts created by thematic icons will adapt to the chosen wallpaper.

The process is a bit cumbersome, but the app itself is efficient. Plus, Themed Icons is free (it accepts donations like in-app purchases), it doesn’t have any weird permissions, it lacks ads, and its developer is totally trustworthy. And it has different videos which can be viewed from the app and where each of the necessary steps is displayed.

Theme icons