Unfortunately, thefts of bicycles, scooters and motorcycles on the streets are frequent. Last week, an electric scooter was stolen from an Apple user. Although the thief is unaware that its owner had hidden two AirTags inside as a precaution.

A week and a return flight to a conference later enabled him to pick him up with the police.

The electric scooter that disappears and reappears thanks to two AirTags

Dan Guido is a security expert who attended the Black Hat USA conference last week. Just before taking a New York-Las Vegas flight, his electric scooter was stolen. This is a Ninebot model that costs around $ 800, so it’s a huge waste.

However, the thief was not relying on his owner hiding not one, but two AirTags in the scooter. A decoy on the wheel and another on one of the spokes, covered with black electrical tape. When he learned of the theft, his intention was to go to the address and put a new lock on it before boarding his plane. But he didn’t find it.

The owner was concerned that when he left, AirTags would be activated by following a user for whom they were not registered. This is one of the AirTag anti-harassment measures that Apple has put on the device. But the scooter, or at least the AirTags, hasn’t budged all week.

Of course, trying to rob a security expert is not a good idea.

Thanks to its immobility, the alarm did not go off. An AirTag will notify its surroundings via a small speaker and its alarm when it has been following the same user for several hours or days. As long as the owner is not there. By standing still in one place, it is quite possible that the time required to sound the alarm has not been exceeded.

Back with the police in a bicycle shop

Dan Guido went to the 79th NYPD Ward and tried to convince the police to accompany him to the scene. He encountered some resistance to do so, especially with regard to AirTag and its technology. With patience and another AirTag on her keys, she was able to show them that this was nothing illegal.

With a patrol of two police officers and him in the back of the police car, they drove to the address. At first they thought it would be in an apartment, but quickly spotted an e-bike shop nearby. It was then that the ultra broadband alert went off, indicating where the scooter was.

To recover a stolen object, it is always essential to warn the police and that they accompany you

In the same store they were selling used bikes, so they bought the scooter to resell later. The police started asking questions and found that he had been brought in by a woman. They looked at the tapes from the day he was brought to the store and found the suspect, who left no contact information.

At this point, they returned with the recording to the police station and the owner filed the corresponding complaint. Police were delighted with what they said was the first robbery resulting from an electric bicycle.