In XDA Developers, they tried to unlock the bootloader of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, Samsung’s latest folding. To your surprise, the terminal displays a warning that the cameras will stop working if we make this system change, a system that makes it impossible to install custom ROMs and root Magisk.

When all the cameras including the front camera stop working, it is also impossible to use the face unlock. Bad news for users who would like to get the most out of Fold3, although there is little root and cooking left on Samsung mobiles.

No “hacking” with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Samsung mobiles, in recent years, have made it very difficult with the problem of cooking and custom ROMs. Knox’s security is high, in addition to the fact that the Exynos processors did not help in the processes (incompatibility of tools, drivers, etc.). Gone are the days of rooting by ODIN.

The phone itself warns that if we decide to unlock the bootloader, the camera will stop working (all)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is the latest top of the range presented by Samsung, and it comes with a curious protection system if one tries to open the bootloader. The phone warns that the cameras are turned off if we do, a mechanism we haven’t seen to date.

This means that unless the developers decide otherwise, you will not be able to root or modify the Galaxy Z Fold3 ROM without losing the camera along the way. As the front camera is also lost, it is not possible to use facial recognition.

In these times, probably few users will root their Galaxy Z Fold, but be aware that the process is more complicated than expected in this terminal.

Via | XDA Developers