Xiaomi updates its latest activity tracker with a really useful feature at night: the flashlight. This function arrives on the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 via the Xiaomi Mi Fit application and its latest version, number 5.3.0. The flashlight will extend to all countries where the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is distributed.

Having a camera on the mobile not only opened the door to taking photos and videos from that device, it gained a new possibility by bouncing: suddenly we had a handy flashlight in our hands. thanks to the built-in flash. This function is so important that there is no one who does not use it. And it ended up reaching other devices with a screen, like smartwatches. Or the bracelets.

Flashlight on the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 with firmware

Flashlight is a common feature in smartwatches because in general they usually include it as an app. On the other hand, in activity bracelets it is not so common to see the torch, and it is just as practical; although the screen does not provide as much light. Therefore, that Xiaomi brings this function to its latest Mi Band is good news for its users.

According to TizenHelp, the latest update of the Xiaomi Mi Fit app downloads the firmware of the Smart Band 6. Specifically, the activity tracker receives version with the relevant correction of errors and stability. In addition to including the aforementioned flashlight among its functions.

After selecting it from the list of applications, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 illuminates the blank screen to increase the brightness to the maximum level. The projected light should be sufficient to find a way in the dark, for example, also to illuminate the lock when it is time to open the house at night and there is no other light source .

The Flashlight arrives with the latest Xiaomi Mi Fit update, but its expansion is gradual. TizenHelp assures that Xiaomi has deployed the function in Kuwait, UK and Czechoslovakia. The rest will come little by little.

Via | TizenHelp