(PTI) Kabul, DTE

In view of the increasing influence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, many countries have decided to close their embassies in Kabul. In addition, the US has sent 3,000 troops to rescue its citizens trapped in embassies and cities. Similarly, Britain and Canada are planning to send troops to evacuate embassy officials, their families and civilians.

The US newspaper The New York Times quoted administrative and military officials as saying that the Taliban was moving rapidly towards Kabul. They are expected to capture Kabul in the next 30 days. As a result, the Pentagon has sent more than 3,000 troops to Afghanistan to rescue US embassy officials in Kabul and their families and American citizens. According to a report by the US intelligence agency, the Taliban will take revenge on the US by burning the embassy after seizing power in Afghanistan. However, according to a report in the Times, US envoy Zalmay Khalidzad, who is negotiating with the Taliban, is trying to persuade the Taliban not to attack the US embassy and American citizens.

Meanwhile, Britain has decided to send more than 500 troops to help evacuate its citizens and embassy officials from Afghanistan. The British Defense Ministry said its priority would be to evacuate British civilians and former Afghan personnel from Afghanistan. The British government claimed that if the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, terrorism would increase in the world. Sources said Canada had announced the closure of its embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, and sent a special contingent of troops to evacuate its citizens.